4 Books Every Writer Should Read

If you’re a writer and you don’t read, you have no business being a writer. Reading is a fundamental part of being a writer because it is by reading books that a writer learns how to write. You can learn how to structure a sentence or create vivid characters of quality by reading great books and then emulating them.

Below are a few books on the writing craft that I believe every writer—of any genre—should have at his or her disposal.

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How to write a lead like an experienced journalist

It seems that there is an article or blog post about attracting readership in every corner of the internet. Well-meaning posts make hooking your reader into something mysterious and complicated. Well, it’s not.

Although this post is written with student journalists (and even beginning or long-time professional journalists) in mind, professional, technical, business, and any nonfiction writer will find this post useful if they want their intended audience to read their writing.

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